Nancy Fournier Ph.D., Relationship Strategist for Women Nonprofit EDs

Empowering women executive directors of nonprofits to lead with authentic power by strengthening relationships with staff, board and partners.

Nancy Fournier Ph.D.
Relationship Strategist for Women Nonprofit EDs

You love the mission of your agency and
having the power to shape how it operates.

But the work can be overwhelming and isolating. You have to solve so many issues, and you often second-guess yourself, making it difficult to lead with intention.


How can you manage your staff, board and partner relationships
in a way which allows you to focus on,
and be successful in carrying out your vision?


Trying to figure everything out alone isn’t sustainable and could lead to burn-out.

There is a limit to which you can turn to your staff or board for support.

It is time to have a thought partner to help you develop work habits and relationship skills that will set you and your agency up for maximum impact.

Start by grabbing your copy of my guide

4 Beginning Steps to
Create Headspace and Align
Your Board, Team, and Partners

From the Podcast
"While I struggled with tense board relationships and managing board and staff priorities, alongside my responsibilities as a mother and commitments to community and liberatory practices, Nancy really helped me navigate these challenges while still holding me accountable to action – to my staff, organization, and the communities we served."
Devon Turner, Executive Director
Grow Dat